Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Science Year 4 --- We Breathe

Subject             : Science
Time                : 10 : 00 – 11: 00 (60 min)
Topic                : Living Things Have Basic Needs
Sub-topic          : 1.8 We Breathe
Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to
a)      Explain human breathe.
b)      Differentiate the air that we inhale and the air that we exhale.
Previous knowledge : Pupils have learnt about,
a)      Humans breathe.
b)      Human need air to stay alive.
Thinking skills : Generating ideas, making conclusions
Moral values : Being thankful to God

Teaching Strategies :
1        Teacher plays the introduction.

2        Ask pupils the meaning of  inhale and exhale.
3        Teacher plays the content component.

4        Ask pupils to differentiate the air we inhale and the air we exhale.

5    Teacher play the summary component.

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