Friday, 21 October 2011

The Phases of the Moon

The phases of the moon is the changes shape of the bright part of the moon that we see is called its phase. The reflects the light from the sun causing the moon is illuminated. The following Video from YouTube is very useful for teaching my school students to explain to them the phases of the moon.

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Topic exercise: Phases of Moon

1.   The diagram below shows the phases of the Moon.

         Which of the following arrangements shows the phases of Moon?
A  P - Q - R - S
B  P - R - S - Q
C  P - Q - S - R
D  P - S - R - Q

2.  How many times can you see the crescent moon in amoon?
      A  1
      B  2
      C  3
      D  4
3.  The phases of the moon consist of
      I   crescent                                III   half moon
     II   new moon                            IV   full moon
      A  I and III only
      B  II and IV only
      C  I, II and III only
      D  I, II, III and IV

4.  The lunar calendar is based on ……
      A  The occurrences of day and night              
      B  The movements of the Earth
      C  The Earth rotating on its axis
      D  The phases of the moon

Monday, 17 October 2011


Constellation is an interesting subject, there are modern and also former constellation, each culture has its own constellation. The following video clip from YouTube is my teaching material for constellation to my students.

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Topic exercise: Constellations


      A group of stars that forms a certain pattern in the sky.

1.  The statement above refers to :
     A  Sun                          C  Earth
     B  Moon                       D  Constellations

2.  Constellations are important because they :
      I   Give off  light                III   Indicate the time to plant crops                
      II  Show directions             IV  Indicate the time to harvest crops
  A  I and II only                            C   I, II and III only
      B  I , III and IV only                    D  II, III and IV only

3.  A fisherman who lost his direction wants to travel south. Which of the following
     Constellations does he need to look for ?
      A  Southern Cross
      B  Orion
      C  Big Dipper
      D  Scorpion

4.   Which of the following is true about the constellation?
      A  Constellation is a group of planets.
      B  Constellation is a group of natural satellites.
      C  Constellation is a group of asteroids in the solar system.
      D  Constellation is a group of stars that form a certain pattern in the sky.

5.  What is the importance of constellations?
      I   To show directions
     II   To form four seasons
     III  To indicate the time to carry out certain activities

A   I only
B   I and III only
C   II and III only
D   I, II and III

Friday, 14 October 2011

Water Cycle

Water is important in our life, without water we couldn't survive in this world. So, everyone in this world have the responsibilities to protect our environment and to appreciate the water. The following video clips from YouTube is describing the process of water cycle from our mother nature.

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Topic exercise : Water Cycle

1  Diagram 1 shows the formation of clouds and rains.

                  Water vapour                                         Rain                    
                                              Water on Earth
     Which of the following processes are involved in this phenomenon?
      A  Boiling and evaporation
      B  Evaporation and condensation            
      C  Condensation and freezing
      D  Melting and boiling

2.   Which of the following practices can keep our sources of water clean?
      A  Organize campaign “ Cintailah Sungai”.
      B  Use of natural fertilizers whenever possible.
      C  Release of sewage from houses into the sea.
      D  Don’t flush plastic products down the toilet..

3.  Which of the following conditions can increase the rate of the evaporation of water?
      I    Dry                         III   Hot weather      
     II   Wet                        IV   Cold weather   

     A I and II only
     B I and III only
     C II and IV only
     D III and IV only

4. A group of pupils boil 100ml of water. After a few minutes, the volume of the water   decreases. What can you infer ? 
    A  Some of the water changed into steam.
    B  Some of the water changed into ice.
    C  The beaker absorbed the water.
    D  Water is condensed.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Heat Energy

Heat energy is a form of energy which transfers from particles in a substance and transfered by particles bouncing into each other. Below video clip shows few experiments of heat enery that transferring its energy from one place to another. This video clip is one of my teaching material of heat energy for my school students.

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Topic exercise: Heat

1.  The hold of a kettle is made of plastic. What can you  deduce ?                   
      A.  Plastic is an insulator
  1. Plastic can be stretched
  2. Plastic is hard and strong
  3. Plastic is a good conductor

2. Which of the following objects are conductor ?
         I .   Wire                        II.   Key
       III.  Eraser                      IV.  Iron spoon

A.     I , II and III
B.     I , II and IV
C.     I , III and IV
D.    II , III and IV

3. Mrs. Lee uses 4 pots made from different materials for cooking rice. The table below show the results.

Cooking time (minutes)

a)      State the :
i.    Manipulated variable :

ii.      Responding variable :

b)      Write one inference for the cooking time for silver pot.

c)      What hypothesis can be made based on the table ?

d)     What conclusion can you make based on the above investigation ?

Monday, 10 October 2011

Year 5 - Science (Microorganisms)

I am Year 5 science class primary school teacher, YouTube allows me to get important information as my teaching materials for teaching in science class in school. More over, video clips in YouTube such as above video also enable students to have a better understanding about miroorganisms. The following is the video clip about mircoorganisms from Youtube as my teaching material for Year 5 primary school students.

Topic : Mocroorganisms

 Exercise 1a

1.  The statement below shows a step in the process of making bread.

1 teaspoon of dried yeast is added to make dough rise

       What cause the dough to rise?
        A  The growth of yeast                   C  The movement of yeast
        B  The breathing of yeast                D  The reproduction of yeast

2.  The diagram shows the condition of a patient

  State the disease shown above.
  A  Aids                        C  Mumps
      B  Scabies                   D  Conjunctivitis

3.  Which of the following are microorganisms?
      I   Bacteria                  II  Hibiscus
      III  Virus                     IV  Fungi
      A  I and II only
      B  I , II and III only
      C  I , III and IV only
      D  I , II , III and IV
4.   Brushing our teeth regularly helps prevent tooth decay because it……
      A  Makes our teeth look white.
      B  Makes our teeth stronger.
      C  Removes food that microorganisms feed on.
      D  Removes all the microorganisms from your mouth.

5.  Which of the following diseases cannot  spread from one person to another?
      A  Asthma               
      B  Conjunctivitis
      C  Cough   
      D  Flu      
   Exercise 1b
1. The table shows the growth of microorganisms on a slide of bread.
Number of black spots



a) What is the purpose of this experiment ?



b) What is the trend of change in the number of black spots ?


c)  State one information in this experiment.


d) State the relationship between the variable that is changed and the variable that is   observed.


e) Predict the number of black spots on the 20th day.


Sunday, 9 October 2011

Pengajaran mata pelajaran Pendidikan Moral

Saya tertarik dengan slide show ini dan menggunakannya sebagai satu proses penting dalam P&P saya. Saya dapat berasa mesej yang hendak disampaikan dalam slide show ini amat jelas dan menyentuh hati. Saya tidak dapat menahan air mata setiap kali saya menontonnya.

Selamat menonton slide show ini, semoga kita menghargai apa yang kita miliki sekarang. Jika guru-guru ingin mendapatkan lebih banyak maklumat boleh melayari :

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Falsafah Pendidikan

Falsafah Pendidikan Kebangsaan

"Pendidikan di Malaysia adalah suatu usaha yang berterusan untuk mengembangkan lagi potensi individu secara menyeluruh dan bersepadu untuk mewujudkan insan yang seimbang dan harmonis dari segi intelek, rohani, emosi dan jasmani berdasarkan kepercayaan dan kepatuhan kepada Tuhan. Usaha ini adalah untuk melahirkan rakyat Malaysia yang berilmu pengetahuan, berketrampilan dan berakhlak mulia, bertanggungjawab dan berkeupayaan mencapai kesejahteraan diri serta dapat menyumbang terhadap keharmonian dan kemakmuran keluarga, masyarakat dan negara."

Falsafah Pendidikan Guru

"Guru yang berpekerti mulia, berpandangan progresif dan saintifik, bersedia menjunjung aspirasi negara serta menyanjung warisan kebudayaan negara, menjamin pembangunan individu dan memelihara suatu masyarakat yang bersatu padu, demokratik, progresif dan berdisiplin."