Friday, 14 October 2011

Water Cycle

Water is important in our life, without water we couldn't survive in this world. So, everyone in this world have the responsibilities to protect our environment and to appreciate the water. The following video clips from YouTube is describing the process of water cycle from our mother nature.

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Topic exercise : Water Cycle

1  Diagram 1 shows the formation of clouds and rains.

                  Water vapour                                         Rain                    
                                              Water on Earth
     Which of the following processes are involved in this phenomenon?
      A  Boiling and evaporation
      B  Evaporation and condensation            
      C  Condensation and freezing
      D  Melting and boiling

2.   Which of the following practices can keep our sources of water clean?
      A  Organize campaign “ Cintailah Sungai”.
      B  Use of natural fertilizers whenever possible.
      C  Release of sewage from houses into the sea.
      D  Don’t flush plastic products down the toilet..

3.  Which of the following conditions can increase the rate of the evaporation of water?
      I    Dry                         III   Hot weather      
     II   Wet                        IV   Cold weather   

     A I and II only
     B I and III only
     C II and IV only
     D III and IV only

4. A group of pupils boil 100ml of water. After a few minutes, the volume of the water   decreases. What can you infer ? 
    A  Some of the water changed into steam.
    B  Some of the water changed into ice.
    C  The beaker absorbed the water.
    D  Water is condensed.

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