Friday, 21 October 2011

The Phases of the Moon

The phases of the moon is the changes shape of the bright part of the moon that we see is called its phase. The reflects the light from the sun causing the moon is illuminated. The following Video from YouTube is very useful for teaching my school students to explain to them the phases of the moon.

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Topic exercise: Phases of Moon

1.   The diagram below shows the phases of the Moon.

         Which of the following arrangements shows the phases of Moon?
A  P - Q - R - S
B  P - R - S - Q
C  P - Q - S - R
D  P - S - R - Q

2.  How many times can you see the crescent moon in amoon?
      A  1
      B  2
      C  3
      D  4
3.  The phases of the moon consist of
      I   crescent                                III   half moon
     II   new moon                            IV   full moon
      A  I and III only
      B  II and IV only
      C  I, II and III only
      D  I, II, III and IV

4.  The lunar calendar is based on ……
      A  The occurrences of day and night              
      B  The movements of the Earth
      C  The Earth rotating on its axis
      D  The phases of the moon

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