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Constellation is an interesting subject, there are modern and also former constellation, each culture has its own constellation. The following video clip from YouTube is my teaching material for constellation to my students.

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Topic exercise: Constellations


      A group of stars that forms a certain pattern in the sky.

1.  The statement above refers to :
     A  Sun                          C  Earth
     B  Moon                       D  Constellations

2.  Constellations are important because they :
      I   Give off  light                III   Indicate the time to plant crops                
      II  Show directions             IV  Indicate the time to harvest crops
  A  I and II only                            C   I, II and III only
      B  I , III and IV only                    D  II, III and IV only

3.  A fisherman who lost his direction wants to travel south. Which of the following
     Constellations does he need to look for ?
      A  Southern Cross
      B  Orion
      C  Big Dipper
      D  Scorpion

4.   Which of the following is true about the constellation?
      A  Constellation is a group of planets.
      B  Constellation is a group of natural satellites.
      C  Constellation is a group of asteroids in the solar system.
      D  Constellation is a group of stars that form a certain pattern in the sky.

5.  What is the importance of constellations?
      I   To show directions
     II   To form four seasons
     III  To indicate the time to carry out certain activities

A   I only
B   I and III only
C   II and III only
D   I, II and III

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