Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Heat Energy

Heat energy is a form of energy which transfers from particles in a substance and transfered by particles bouncing into each other. Below video clip shows few experiments of heat enery that transferring its energy from one place to another. This video clip is one of my teaching material of heat energy for my school students.

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Topic exercise: Heat

1.  The hold of a kettle is made of plastic. What can you  deduce ?                   
      A.  Plastic is an insulator
  1. Plastic can be stretched
  2. Plastic is hard and strong
  3. Plastic is a good conductor

2. Which of the following objects are conductor ?
         I .   Wire                        II.   Key
       III.  Eraser                      IV.  Iron spoon

A.     I , II and III
B.     I , II and IV
C.     I , III and IV
D.    II , III and IV

3. Mrs. Lee uses 4 pots made from different materials for cooking rice. The table below show the results.

Cooking time (minutes)

a)      State the :
i.    Manipulated variable :

ii.      Responding variable :

b)      Write one inference for the cooking time for silver pot.

c)      What hypothesis can be made based on the table ?

d)     What conclusion can you make based on the above investigation ?

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